SATA Filter 500 Series Professional Air Filtration

Compressed air is one of the main sources of energy in paint shops. After being generated in the compressor, the air is fed into the compressed air circuit, whereby impurities such as tiny particles of compressor oil can be carried along right into the spray gun or breathing air. While such impurities are not particularly relevant for many industrial applications, they will inevitably cause coating flaws or pose a health risk in the paint application process. When working with waterborne paint systems, even the tiniest quantities of oil vapors can cause coating flaws, and consequently time-consuming, costly rework. Oil vapors or particles may also enter the respiratory system and cause health issues.

The SATA filter series 500 is available either as a one-stage sintered filter with water and oil separator, as a two-stage combination filter with sintered and fine filter, or as a three-stage filter unit with additional sintered activated charcoal filter. Every six months, all filter stages are maintained together in a procedure that takes just a few minutes without the need for tools, thanks to the bayonet lock and defined position of the filter cartridges, which are replaced simply by inserting them. Furthermore, a flow-optimized cyclone separator minimizes pressure drop in the filter system and ensures a constant air flow of approximately 135 cfm. A well functioning compressed air circuit also includes regularly maintained compressed air filter units. To warrant trouble-free operation, a filter unit should be fitted either immediately in front of or directly inside the spray booth. While the SATA filter 544 will be sufficient for solvent-based paints, the SATA filter 584 is required when applying waterborne paints, as the activated charcoal stage eliminates the critical oil vapors that can cause coating flaws with waterborne materials. A three-stage SATA 584 filter unit is also needed when using a compressed air-fed respirator (without “belt-hung” activated charcoal filter) to clean the air of harmful substances

  • Higher adsorption of contaminations (compared to SATA filter 484) due to the new sintered activated charcoal filter
  • Air flow with approx. 135 cfm
  • SATA filter timer to monitor the exchange intervals of all filter cartridges
  • Synchronized maintenance: Filter maintenance only necessary every 6 months for all stages
  • Bayonet lock with haptic and acoustic feedback
  • Fine filter and activated charcoal filter cartridges fit perfectly, simply insert without screw fittings or additional seals
  • CCS color coding of filter housing and filter cartridges for safe maintenance.
  • Upgrade of a SATA filter 544 to a 584 possible through a simple connector system
  • Maintenance-free sealing elements
  • Reverse air-flow options available
  • Flow-optimized cyclone separator with enhanced particle separation efficiency of particles > 5 µm