Prevost Piping System

The 100% aluminum fittings

PREVOST designs and manufactures its new PPS1 100% aluminum fittings to ensure that they are the most compact and effective on the market.

Pipes are held in the fitting using a new system: the PPS Grip Concept. The PPS Grip Concept is based on a stainless steel ring with teeth that penetrate the aluminum.
Leak tight is achieved via a new contoured and lubricated seal, with optimized design and properties. The seal remains perfectly leak tight even under the harshest conditions.

logo stamp prevost fittings

The Prevost logo is engraved on each fitting.

diameter prevost fittings

Pipe external diameter in mm and inches

PRevost PPS1 Fittings

Maximum service pressure (bar/psi)

Marker & Traceability

Indicate that the pipe is correctly positioned in the fitting & Date of fabrication

prevost aluminum fittings

The seal has been specifically designed for this application. It
comprises two Teflon-coated lobes to optimize leaktight.

Internal parts cannot be detached from the body after